Multilingual desktop publishing

If you have already designed your layout, we are able to typeset directly into your existing digital files. We work in all major packages on both PC and Mac platforms. We have a vast selection of fonts for all languages which enable us to retain the look and feel of your design. For example, we hold over 150 Eastern and Central European fonts, over 200 fonts for the Arabic language alone, more than 60 fonts each for Chinese and Korean as well as a comprehensive selection of fonts for Thai and Japanese. Any number of languages can be incorporated into the same document economically and on the same page, if necessary, using special techniques developed by us.

Marketing materials

We can create and typeset a broad range of marketing materials - business cards, company brochures, technical manuals, operating instructions, bulletins, newsletters, guidebooks, posters, legal documents, travel and tourism leaflets, food and drink labels, restaurant menus, company video presentations and much more.
And into any foreign language to suit your marketing needs. Whatever the format you need, we'll provide high resolution PDF, TIFF or EPS files, or digital versions for online display.


We can deliver your final document in any form of print you wish, Business cards, brochures, magazines or posters. All can be quoted for and if needed we can arrange printing in the destination country for your publications, and so reduce shipping costs. No print run is too big or small and we can cater for any specific requirements.